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Emerge! has issued a call to action in our community – Answer the Call to End Domestic Violence. We can engage our community as a whole in the effort to build a safe community for all. The range of actions we can take to cultivate a community that will not tolerate abuse is as expansive as our imagination. Some examples include:

  • Speaking up against domestic violence
  • Learning about the dynamics of abuse
  • Recognizing destructive social norms
  • Opening up to change your own behavior
  • Offering resources to anyone in an abusive relationship

One of the greatest opportunities within this call to action is for men to step into the prevention of domestic abuse in ways that women cannot. While domestic abuse is an issue that can affect anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or income level, Emerge! recognizes that the majority of survivors are women who have suffered abuse at the hands of men. While it’s a small amount of men who perpetuate violent behavior, all men are affected by the social norms that allow for violence to continue in our community. For this reason, we believe that men and boys can be part of the solution to ending violence against women by being proactive and incorporating small changes in their day-to-day lives. The first step to this, though, is building a culture that supports them in doing so.

Answer the Call is about cultivating the answer from within our community and from within each of us. It‘s only when the majority of our community takes action that we can achieve the culture change needed to ensure safety for women and girls, and that starts with all of us, including men and boys.


Inspiration for Action

The Emerge! 2-day Community  Training on Engaging Men & Boys to End Domestic Violence
featuring Tony Porter from A CALL TO MEN

Emerge! has invited members from our community to learn how they can Answer the Call to End Domestic Violence by attending a two-day training that takes place this week. A CALL TO MEN’s Tony Porter will lead the Institute, which is an educational experience that provides advanced training about how to engage men and boys in the promotion of a healthy, respectful manhood and the prevention of violence against ALL women and girls.

Attendees will explore:

  • The efforts, challenges, and successes of the women’s movement to end men’s violence against women
  • How some aspects of male socialization contribute to violence against women, and how that socialization objectifies women as property
  • The ways in which men can be proactive in ending violence against women, and the ways to incorporate this into their day-to-day lives.
  • Building community organizing skills and techniques aimed at improving their collective ability to reach other men to bring about the social change needed to create a safer community

At Emerge!, we’re grateful for those in attendance who have committed their gift of time and willingness to go forward as a leader in the community and invest in the safety of all. We offer this opportunity to our community as a reflection of our deep honor and commitment to those we serve and those who are suffering in silence.


How Will You #AnswerTheCall?

We’d love to hear about ways you plan to Answer the Call to end domestic violence in Tucson and Pima County. Contact to share your efforts!

We thank you for being a loud, public voice
for those whose needs are too often disregarded.
Together, we can create safety.

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