Community Fundraisers

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11927628_lYour fundraising efforts raise money, in-kind donations, and awareness.

Schools, businesses, places of worship, clubs, organizations, and friends can raise money and collect items to donate to our agency that will create a change and change many lives. Your gifts, your time, and your support make our work and our success possible.

If you’re planning a fundraiser or drive to benefit Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, let us know. We’re happy to provide you with information about our fundraiser policies and talk to your group about our agency and the people you are helping with your donations. Call (520) 795-8001 ext. 7023 to notify us and get materials and information for your event.

Your donation makes a difference.

Money and in-kind gifts ensure that our cutting-edge programs and services are available for everyone who needs them. Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. To begin making a difference today, you can…

  • Donate online.
  • Set up a community fundraiser through your organization, place of worship, school or business. Call 795-8001 to learn how.
  • Contact Emerge! at (520)-795-8001 to make a donation, set up a monthly giving plan, or get more information.
  • Mail your donation to: Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, 2545 E. Adams Street Tucson, Arizona 85716
  • Drop off your donated items at Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse 2545 E. Adams Street Tucson, Arizona 85716
  • Inquire about planned giving. Contact Lauryn Bianco, Director of Development at 520-795-8001 ext. 7010 or email

For more information about in-kind donations, call Robin Kaslly at (520) 795-8001 ext. 7013. Please note, we are unable to accept donations of used clothing, linens and bedding.

For more information about holding a community fundraiser, call Shaundra Higgins at (520) 795-8001 ext. 7023.

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Please note: we do not sell any merchandise online on, and as such there is no return policy. Donations are considered non-refundable.