Adopt-a-Room Campaign

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Emerge has rolled out a new campaign for our 10-year Emergerversary: Adopt-a-Shelter-Room! Last year, Emerge provided nearly 21,000 bed nights to over 600 adults and children at our emergency shelter.

Donors can now “adopt” a room in our shelter to help with upkeep (fresh paint, new furniture, etc.) throughout the year. This “adoption” ensures a fresh room for participants that will create a comfortable space for rest, healing and safety.

Here’s how you (or a group of you!) can help:

Adopt-a-Room for one year: $6,000

Adopt-a-Room for six months: $3,000

Adopt-a-Room for three months: $1,500

Adopt-a-Room donors will be featured on a special recognition plaque at our shelter!

Ready to Adopt-a-Room (or have questions)? Call or email Lauryn Bianco, Director of Development: 520-795-8001 x 7010 or