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Emerge Center ProgramsWe’re a leader in prevention, intervention, and education programs and services.

Every year, we help thousands of people escape abusive situations and move toward healing. Every week, we educate and train members of our community and other communities about domestic abuse. Every day, we’re creating change and changing lives.

Our full continuum of programs and services include:

To view a diagram explaining the services available at Emerge! and how people access them, click here or scroll down.


Refer to Emerge!

By learning about the resources available to someone who has experienced domestic abuse, you can be ready when someone needs help.

Calling the 24-hour bilingual Emerge! hotline or a community based service center to set up an appointment are the first steps to accessing our services and we encourage anyone dealing with domestic abuse to call (520) 795-4266.* Whether you know that you are or think that you might be experiencing domestic abuse, or if you have a friend that is experiencing domestic abuse – we can help. It is also important to know that if a person is not ready to leave and or is uncertain about leaving, Emerge! can still be a support to them by offering a safe, non-judgmental place to talk about their relationship – leaving is never a requirement for services.

Leaving an abusive relationship can be a very dangerous time and each individual’s situation is unique, so it’s good to talk with an expert about ways to help increase safety and decrease potential risk. Safety plans can be created on the hotline and are an important step toward a new life.

Along with safety planning, Emerge! also offers emergency shelter, domestic abuse education, individual case management and support, holistic treatment and lay legal services. Below is a list of services available at Emerge!, as well as a diagram of how people access them. To view a printable version, click here.

*Please note that if you are ever in a life threatening situation where there is an immediate concern for your life, please call 911.  Emerge! has partnerships with local law enforcement agencies to ensure a coordinated response  to domestic abuse calls.


Core Services of the Emerge! Domestic Abuse Program:

  • Safety Planning – Planning around different potential scenarios; danger assessment
  • Domestic Abuse Education – Individual and group sessions; education related to the dynamics of abuse and its impact on self and children
  • Individual Case Management & Support – Empowerment based personal strengths identification; emotional support; goal setting; life skills literacy; family services for children; community resource connection
  • Holistic Treatment – Therapeutic art; dance and movement therapy; pet therapy; yoga
  • Lay Legal Services – Information about legal rights and options; assistance obtaining orders of protection; court accompaniment; support to immigrants experiencing abuse


Accessing Emerge! Core Services: